Hi, my name is

Lewis Kori.

I build things for the web

I'm a software engineer specializing in SaaS application and MVP development

for non-technical founders, indiehackers and startups.

About me

Hi there!

This site is a place for me to showcase some of my projects. From small learning projects to some serious software engineering projects. It is also home to my personal blog where I write about my journey as a developer and whatever else that strikes my fancy. You can also check out all my blog posts on dev.

I'm passionate about online businesses and specialize in helping non-technical founders and startups build exceptional online platforms end to end. I'm particularly keen on fintech. I'm adept at smart contract development within the ethereum ecosystem, payment processing and integrations with major banking and PSP APIs such as stripe, apple and google pay, checkout etc.

In terms of non-computer hobbies I like working out at the gym and going on runs. I also read a lot. In general I find what makes me the happiest is building stuff. So I try and optimize for that.

Here are a few technologies I've worked with:

  • python
  • Javascript (ES6+)
  • django
  • strapi.js
  • Vue
  • docker & kubernetes
  • React
  • HTML & CSS
  • Solidity
  • AWS
About me


User authentication with JWTS in a Django and vue.js multi-tenant app

On the last post of the Django multi-tenant series, we set up a Django project from scratch. In this part, we'll set up the authentication system using JWTs and connect the API to a vue...


  • Kai and Karo

    Successfully conceptualized and executed the development of an innovative auto marketplace website for Kai and Karo. This platform not only transformed the company's digital presence but also optimized the user experience, ensuring seamless vehicle transactions for thousands of customers. With cutting-edge features and an intuitive interface, the site has positioned Kai and Karo as a forerunner in the online auto trading industry.

    Kai and Karo
  • Parklands sports club app

    Sports booking and ecommerce app for the prestigious Parklands Sports Club. The app's sports booking facility helped the club's members easily book sports sessions online. The app boasts of powerful ecommerce features that allow members to conveniently order various items from the club online and have them conveniently delivered. Dormant members could now see the innovation and took positively to it.

    Parklands sports club app
  • Northern Property Management

    A Progressive web application for a property Management company based in Michigan. Allowing them to schedule services to their listed properties (with google calendar integration), manage property managers and staff. Providing an overall good experience for all parties. Design credits to @papaya-creative.

    Northern Property Management
  • Muthaiga golf club app

    Golf booking and ecommerce app for the prestigious Muthaiga Golf Club. The saas application which incorporated e-commerce for the various merchandise as well as foodstuff the club offers. The application also features a golf booking facility which helped the club's member participation spike by a staggering 60%. Dormant members could now see the innovation and took positively to it.

    Muthaiga golf club app
  • Automobile spare parts procurement market place

    Autointelparts aims at connecting garages with spare parts suppliers through an online spares procurement platform. Garage owners are able to get the best prices from a large pool of suppliers while on the other hand suppliers are able to grow their sales through a wide market presented by autointel. The platform is available as a web app and android application. The product has seen tremendous success with $110,000 in annual revenue within the first year of operation!

    Automobile spare parts procurement market place

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Although I’m not currently looking for any new opportunities, my inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I’ll try my best to get back to you!