Hi, my name is

Lewis Kori.

I build things for the web

I'm a software engineer based in Nairobi,Kenya specializing in building

exceptional websites, applications, and everything in between.

About me

Hi there!

This site is a place for me to showcase some of my projects. From small learning projects to some serious software engineering projects. It is also home to my personal blog where I write about my journey as a developer and whatever else that strikes my fancy. You can also check out all my blog posts on dev. My interests currently in the tech industry lie around backend web development, automation and I also dabble in web frontend. I'm currently a Software Engineer @SkyeTech Group

In terms of non-computer hobbies I like working out at the gym and going on runs. I also read a lot. In general I found what makes me the happiest is building stuff. So I try and optimize for that.

Here are a few technologies I've worked with:

  • python
  • Javascript (ES6)
  • django
  • Vue
  • docker & kubernetes
  • HTML & CSS
About me


User authentication with JWTS in a Django and vue.js multi-tenant app

On the last post of the Django multi-tenant series, we set up a Django project from scratch. In this part, we'll set up the authentication system using JWTs and connect the API to a vue...

How to set up a new Django project

This post is a continuation of the django multi-tenancy series. In this part, we'll begin to implement the backend of the multitenant Django app. We'll be setting up a Django project fr...


  • Private Cloud

    A drop box-esque site for private cloud storage with dynamic sytem wide access roles and individual folder access controls.

    Private Cloud
  • Muthaiga golf club app

    Golf booking and ecommerce app for the prestigious Muthaiga Golf Club

    Muthaiga golf club app
  • Django vue multitenant org expense tracker

    A multitenant expense tracker for organizations. Used as a teaching project for my blog.

    Django vue multitenant org expense tracker
  • Northern Property Management

    A Progressive web application for a property Management company based in Michigan. Allowing them to schedule services to their listed properties (with google calendar integration), manage property managers and staff. Providing an overall good experience for all parties. Design credits to @papaya-creative.

    Northern Property Management
  • Robust Web Scraper

    pythonscraper api
    Robust Web Scraper
  • Law Blog

    A blog for Mr.John muthuri to write about his passion and experiences as a human rights lawyer, he's also a columnist at the daily nation.

    Law Blog

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My inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I'll try my best to get back to you!